We really enjoy your magazine here at our office. My supervisor would like to have it available for our clients here at this Public Health Office in Chaparral. We serve approximately 1600-1800 client in one month. If you would be able to spare some of your issues we would love to have them available for them.

Nora Estrada

I want to congratulate you and the Tu Revista Latina staff for putting together a wonderful publication! It is well done, informative and slick! Tu Revista Latina brings the community together in a positive way, it reflects the beautiful Latino culture, our heritage, and our promising future. Thank you for helping make Las Cruces a greater community. Keep up the excellent work!

Tom Chagolla

I just got done reading the magazine. I love it! Wonderfully done!

Gina Orona-Ruiz

Very impressed with Tu Revista Latina…
Very professional.

Lorenzo Garcia

I like Tu Revista Latina, it brings everything personal to us in the Mesilla Valley. Most magazines focus on a national perspective.

Ben Guerra

We loved Stefano’s article and have been getting so many compliments on it!!! You guys did an excellent job!

Lia Castagna-Munoz

The magazine caught my eye in my doctor’s office. It is a beautiful and exquisite magazine. I thoroughly fell in love with it from the moment I picked it up – such quality!

Eileen Urquidez

I collect Tu Revista Latina magazine. I enjoy all the fantastic recipes and also use it as an entertainment guide to keep up with what’s going on!!! Thanks Tu Revista Latina!

Cynthia Nieto

I love it! The stories are great and you have good recipes!
I pick it up at Albertson’s.

Liz Gardea