New Beginnings

Aspirations and determination are what drive us to achieve our dreams. The search for a way to accomplish those dreams or goals can take time, requires support from those around us, and a lot of planning. It’s typically not an easy thing, but the lessons learned and experiences acquired along the way are reason enough to keep on going.

Born in southern California, Jerome Frazier’s fascination with the medical field started at a very early age. His mother and grandmother claim that as early as he was able to write, he was signing his name: Dr. Jerome Frazier. He knew early on that the medical field was for him and the idea was solidified when, after graduating from high school in 1981, he enlisted in the US Air Force. There, he became a surgical nursing technician and eventually became a women’s health care nurse practitioner. This is where his passion for obstetrics and gynecology was born.

Uncertain of exactly how he was going to achieve his dream, Dr. Frazier enrolled at Tuskegee University in Alabama to kick-start his future. He received an Associate’s in Science from Santa Rosa Junior College in 1987 and a Bachelor of Science in Nursing from CSU in 1990. During this time, Dr. Frazier was also still enlisted in the Air Force where he was receiving hands on training in different areas of the medical field. This was where he met Stacey, his wife of 16 years. Today, they have a set of 13 year-old twin boys, Jeremy and Joshua who attend Mesilla Valley Christian School.

Being a medical student, a parent and helping to provide for his family has been no easy task. However, Dr. Frazier has had his wife’s support all along. Dr. Stacey Frazier, a pediatrician at First Step clinic, has been a strong support system for Dr. Frazier. “We are a tag team in a sense. I do prenatal care and then she takes over after the baby is born. We bounce ideas off of each other,” says Dr. Frazier.

After obtaining his Medical Degree, the Frazier’s moved to Las Cruces. Just this past summer, at the age of 48, Dr. Frazier completed his residency in obstetrics and gynecology at Texas Tech University in El Paso, TX. “The plan was that I was going to open my own practice once I was done and I’ve been able to accomplish that,” he explains. New Beginnings opened its doors in August and provides a modern approach to traditional obstetrics and gynecology services. The clinic is state-of-the-art, providing personalized primary care to women throughout their life span. Each exam room is equipped with a flat screen TV where sonograms are projected. Yet the cozy and welcoming environment ensures a relaxing visit.

Dr. Frazier saw the need for a practice in Las Cruces that gives patients total continuity of care. His mission has always been to see every patient from the first visit until the very last one. “I want to give every woman personal care without handing them off to a different provider,” indicates Dr. Frazier. In terms of obstetrical care, Dr. Frazier is trained to diagnose and treat both normal and high-risk pregnancies as well as address unforeseen issues. His well-rounded training and experience has made him an expert in recognizing the complications that may sometimes arise during a pregnancy. This allows him to make recommendations on a number of preventive measures to avoid further complications or illnesses.

The gynecological services provided at New Beginnings by Dr. Frazier include everything from abnormal Pap smears to cervical dysplasia, bladder repair to hysterectomy, and ovarian cysts to the detection and treatment of early precancerous cells. Dr. Frazier is also trained in a variety of surgical techniques such as laparoscopy and is one of only a few doctors in Las Cruces trained in the da Vinci Robotic Surgical System. Compared to traditional gynecological surgical methods, this is a minimally invasive robotic surgery that is more precise and is controlled by the movements made by the surgeon’s wrists. With the da Vinci system, recovery time is decreased–as is the pain, risk of infection and scarring–because the incision is much smaller than that of an open surgery or conventional laparoscopy.

The upside of being military trained and educated in a variety of areas is that Dr. Frazier has extremely high standards of care that he is able to hand down to his patients. Having a women’s health care provider who can thoroughly oversee one’s wellbeing is something that is very important to every woman. Dr. Frazier has brought that and much more to Las Cruces. He is a respectful, dependable, family-oriented doctor. Combined with a staff that he has personally trained to be understanding and compassionate, New Beginnings provides timely and accessible care to women of all ages.

Fall 2011
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