A Dream Beyond Construction

Lawrence Fierro started working outdoors since the age of ten. Rain or shine, he was out getting dirty, cleaning sewer lines and digging trenches with his dad, Antonio Fierro, who was the owner of Fierro Plumbing in Mesilla. At the time Lawrence seriously considered not make a living working in any field remotely related to construction and was determined not work as hard as his dad had. At his young age he knew, however, that he had to continue to work not only to help the family but also to save up for his education and thus, his future.

In 1974, after graduating from Las Cruces High School, Lawrence attended NMSU where he earned a degree in management. It was a proud moment as he was the first to get a college degree in his family. Although his degree would prove useful, Lawrence had no real idea what he wanted to do with it, where he wanted to work or where this would lead him. 

“I worked in management for a financial company in Albuquerque and I didn’t like it, it was too big,” explains Lawrence. After working at several other places including as a correctional officer/plumber at a prison, at NMSU, for the City of Las Cruces and for Alternative Energy Resources, a solar energy company, it seemed that he couldn’t find his place in the workforce. Nothing was really fulfilling him. It was as if something was missing and he couldn’t put his finger on it.

Because he needed to make ends meet in a sluggish economy, he started working with a friend, Edward Avalos, doing heating and cooling side jobs. Lawrence credits Mr. Avalos for teaching him the entire process of quality home building. As the residential construction industry skyrocketed, the jobs were piling on and Lawrence started making a name for himself. He always emphasized quality versus quantity and word of mouth from clients quickly propelled his business. During this time he was doing everything from concrete, electrical and any other subcontracted work that came his way. Although it seemed like the logical choice, given that he grew up working with his dad, Lawrence finally understood that he was fooling himself in thinking that he didn’t want to follow in his dad’s footsteps. “In 1983, was when I realized that I could do this for myself; that I was capable of doing this work if I had my own construction company,” Lawrence recalls. This was when he decided to get his general contractor’s license and start Fierro Enterprises. It was a leap of faith, but by the year 2000 he had established a solid track record and for the first time, he felt financially solvent as a company. 

It’s been more than three decades since he started working in construction and in that time he has built approximately 125 custom homes from Truth or Consequences down to Anthony and everywhere in between. At its peak, Lawrence states that his company was building 10 to 13 custom homes per year. They varied from a rich southwestern style that pays homage to our natural surroundings to rustic Tuscan style and even some that veer towards contemporary. 

One of these custom homes happens to be his own, and it is a stunning residence. Lawrence’s wife of 14 years, Laura Fierro, decorated the interior by seamlessly marrying rustic southwestern in some spaces with urban contemporary in others. Most recently, the Fierro’s renovated their kitchen to create a feeling of warmth yet casual sophistication. Updated with sleek almond cabinets and shiny chocolate brown quartz countertops the new kitchen works perfectly for the couple on a day-to-day basis as well as for entertaining. The spacious kitchen opens up to the dining room and a grand family room where Lawrence’s impressive collection of trophies is beautifully displayed. The highlights of the home are without a doubt the abundance of natural light, the high grade craftsmanship and finishes as well as it’s luxurious yet inviting appeal. The Fierro home is a true representation of a carefully planned and conceptualized project by Fierro Enterprises. 

As with any new home Lawrence’s approach to construction begins, literally, from the ground up; from the initial meeting with the homeowner to understanding each homeowner’s unique needs and expectations, then turning their ideas into their own specific dream home while adhering to their budget. Finally, by working one-on-one with the laborers and subcontractors, Lawrence ensures that high-quality is maintained through each milestone. “Ultimately I want our customers to remember Fierro Enterprises for our excellent craftsmanship and quality work,” concludes Lawrence.

With an already impressive background, Fierro Enterprises has not stopped at building beautiful custom homes. In 2011, when residential construction plummeted, Lawrence had to look into other areas for business. And today, with the help of Laura, who serves as the Vice-President of the company and handles all administrative duties, Fierro Enterprises has acquired numerous commercial and government contracts. The clever partnership with his wife and the diversification has not only allowed Lawrence to expand his business and knowledge, but also his portfolio.

Spring 2015
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