From the Valley, to the Big Apple

I suppose there are countless, but I don’t personally know very many people that by the age of three years old already have an inclination as to what they want to be when they grow up, and then actually accomplish it. At that young age, Mrs. Gonzalez says that for her son, it was a toss up between a pilot, a doctor or a baseball player. Orlando V. Gonzalez chose to become a sports medicine doctor and today he holds a very well-respected name in the New York\New Jersey area because of his excellent work.

At the age of eighteen, his ambitions led him to UNM straight out of high school where he received a bachelor’s degree in Biology and completed his graduate studies in Neuroscience. In 2005, he received his medical degree from The College of Medicine and Health Sciences in Chicago where he finished in the top 2% of his class. During medical school, he had the opportunity to spend a year in London, England, Budapest, Hungary and Belize as an international medical student. From there, he went to Mountainside Hospital in Montclair, New Jersey to complete his residency in Family Medicine and Orthopedics. During his third year of residency, he was elected as Chief of Academics in Family Medicine. Dr. Gonzalez went on to complete his Sports Medicine Fellowship at Mountainside Hospital at UMDNJ in 2010. 

Currently, his Board Certifications include: Diplomate, American Board of Family Medicine; Board Certification, Sports Medicine; Board Examination, Obesity Medicine; and American College of Sports Medicine and Orthopedics. He is also an active member of the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons, American Medical Association, American Academy of Family Physicians, American College of Sports Medicine, American Medical Society for Sports Medicine, American Society for Bariatric Physicians as well as the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine.

With a strong background in Family Medicine, Dr. Gonzalez brings a unique perspective to treating his patients at his private practice, Corpore Sano Sports Medicine and Regenerative Orthopedic Center.

He opened his own practice in 2013, because he wanted to provide his patients with a more comprehensive treatment for their overall wellbeing. As a sports medicine expert on prevention and injury, and with certification in ImPACT neuropsychological testing and concussion management, his expertise is well utilized in the capacity of team physician for several New Jersey area high schools as well as for the NFL. Additionally, Dr. Gonzalez has served in the ING New York City Marathon as a medical team director for the past eight years where he also participates as a runner. And, if all that isn’t enough, Dr. Gonzalez has also worked as a ringside physician covering high profile fights on “Put Up or Shut Up” on the Contender series on ESPN, with Sylvester Stallone. 

Besides sports medicine, Dr. Gonzalez has a passion for helping people live a longer, healthier life through exercise, healthy lifestyle and empowering his patients and members to become more physically active. This is why in 2009 he founded LIFE*MOD®. A long time member of the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine and a member of the American Society of Bariatric Physicians, Dr. Gonzalez has been involved in obesity management and weight management for many years. Through 

LIFE*MOD®, Dr. Gonzalez provides expert and trademarked information on lifestyle habits and longevity to his client. LIFE*MOD® is the premiere lifestyle modification and anti-aging program in the northeast region of the U.S. From detailed hormonal and DNA analysis, to comprehensive body composition exam, to blood type diet individualized program, and innovative weight loss and muscle building strategies, LIFE*MOD® was created to be the leader in wellness and anti-aging medicine. Dr. Gonzalez’s goal for LIFE*MOD® is to completely revolutionize his clients lives by giving them information about themselves that he is sure they’ve never received before. His restaurant, The Kitchen on Grove Station, is located in New York City’s sixth borough and is a bistro style eatery offering French and American fusion cuisine. Their farm-to-table approach also goes in line with the healthy lifestyle concept of LIFE*MOD®.

He admittedly cannot say no to any opportunity and as impressive and varied as his medical experience is, so are his interests. Aside from being an accomplished physician and a restaurateur, Dr. Gonzalez is also an artist, a musician, an author, a world traveler as well as a respected planning commissioner.  His art is predominately oil on canvas and is displayed at art festivals in New Mexico, Chicago, Illinois, New Jersey and New York City. Dr. Gonzalez is also a professional guitarist and co-composer of “Holy, Holy” which was copyrighted in February 1990, and he gives guitar lessons pro-bono. Additionally in 2010, he was appointed by the Mayor as Commissioner on the Planning Board for the City of Jersey City, a position he still holds today. With his boundless energy and alongside everything else he does, Dr. Gonzalez had the privilege of authoring chapter 5, “Peroneal Subluxation/Peroneal Dislocation,” in the academic book 5-Minute Consult in Sports Medicine, 2nd Edition.

By now, those who don’t know him are probably wondering why we chose to feature Dr. Orlando Gonzalez since he doesn’t live or practice locally. The answer is simple. His roots in the Mesilla Valley run deep and we are very proud of this El Paso-born, son of a bracero from Talamantes, Chihuahua, who was humbly raised in the small rural town of San Miguel.  His mother was born and raised in San Miguel and graduated from Gadsden High School, which was Valley High School during her time there. Also a graduate of Gadsden (1992), where he graduated in the top 5% of his class, Dr. Gonzalez is proud of his modest beginnings. 

“I am very appreciative of having grown up here, because from my parents I learned that I had to work for what I wanted,” explains Dr. Gonzalez. It took him almost two decades of schooling, but he says: “When you’re doing what you love, time flies by and you don’t even notice.” He hopes that he can serve as an example to other Gadsden graduates that with hard work and dedication, anything really is possible.

Reflecting back on what he misses and loves about San Miguel Dr. Gonzalez says with a chuckle, “I went from a very rural place to the biggest city in the nation. I really do miss my hometown and I love coming home, but when I’m here I miss my work in New York too.” Dr. Gonzalez tries to come down to see his parents as often as possible, at least three times a year and claims that what he misses the most when he’s gone is his mom’s home cooking and the simplicity of life in San Miguel. “Growing green chile and having a winery in New Mexico is how I want to retire,” says Dr. Gonzalez. “To me, it doesn’t get any better than that!”

Winter 2015

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