More than Gold: The Wright Story

It’s probably safe to say that Nancy Wright had no idea when she walked into Jones and Company Jewelers in early 2007 that she would someday own the place.

“It was just meant to be,” she said. “I had no experience – some in sales, but not jewelry. In the short time I worked for the Hal and Sally (Jones) they taught me a great deal and we got to be very close.”

When the Joneses decided to retire after eighteen years in Las Cruces, Nancy decided to buy the business, and the re-christened Wright Jewelers opened its doors in February of 2010.

It’s also probably safe to say that Nancy Wright had no idea when she walked into Jones and Company Jewelers back then that she would meet Chuck Saari, the man who would become her husband.

“He was a customer when I worked at Jones and Company,” Nancy said, smiling. The two opened the store together and became business partners right away. They have been married almost two years.

“We got married in the store because we thought that was appropriate. We had a small ceremony with just family and a few friends.”

Chuck specializes in the purchase of precious metals that customers bring in, as well as in evaluating the heirloom jewelry that comes into the store.

“It may need to be repaired, or they want to know the value for insurance purposes,” he said. “It may be an estate piece and they want to sell it.”

Wright Jewelers obviously specializes in fine jewelry, but they have a distinct advantage over the big mall stores and chains.

“We can custom design whatever you might be looking for,” said Nancy. “I think I really excel in this area because I can visualize the end result. If someone comes in with some diamonds and wants to create a ring with them, I can pick their brain and come up with what they see in their mind’s eye. We can make it come to life.”

Sheri Clarke-Chaparro and Dora Gomez are experienced jewelers who worked for a number of years with Jones and Company, and they still design and create pieces for Nancy and Chuck.

One of the more unusual pieces they have created recently? An urn pendant. A woman wanted a necklace created in gold in which to keep her husband’s ashes and have them always close to her heart.

Repairs are a large part of Wright Jewelers’ business, and Nancy urges everyone to have their jewelry checked on a regular basis.

“There is nothing sadder than someone who comes in upset because they lost their diamond because the prongs on their ring were broken or loose.”

“People’s hands change with age,” she continued. “Hands get thinner with age or with weight change. Rings can slip off and get lost. Having your rings checked regularly can help prevent those tragedies.”

Another tip for jewelry owners is to have their jewelry appraisals updated. With the changing value of gems and precious metals, having them accurately evaluated for insurance purposes is important.

Customers in surrounding areas such as Alamogordo, Truth or Consequences, Deming, and Silver City may have a hard time finding a place to have their jewelry repaired. Wright Jewelers wants those folks to know that if they come to Las Cruces they can drop off their items to be repaired and then pick them up on the way out of town.

If you are anything like me, you still like having a wristwatch in spite of having the time always available on your phone. I am notoriously hard on my watches. I have one right now that I’m sure needs a new battery if I could just get the dang thing out. At Wright’s they’ll replace your watch battery and you don’t have to worry about losing one of those tiny screws.

Nancy, Chuck, their jewelers, and the rest of the staff pride themselves in customer service. Nancy sums it up like this –“If the customers aren’t happy when they come in, we want to make sure they are happy when they leave.”

Spring 2014
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