Celebrating Abilities

As children develop from infancy through childhood, adolescence, and onto adulthood, much of what drives them is what aspect of life they focus on. Is it their grades? Is it helping others? Is it music? Is it the love of animals? Is it the love of serving mankind? The individual’s focus is what helps motivate them through life to accomplish what they hope to accomplish with their life. All individuals have a purpose to fulfill, and must feel this purpose in order to direct their actions in a meaningful and purposeful way.

Drs. Ramon and Natalie Ortiz were both driven children that wanted to do well in school, and wanted a good education so that they could serve others. Dr. Ramon Ortiz always thought he would be a pediatrician. It was during his last two years of college, that he became extremely interested in dentistry and serving in the dental health community. He was attending Creighton University, fulfilling all of the pre-med requirements, while majoring in Theology. Creighton School of Dentistry is one of the best dental schools in the United States. Ramon decided to apply to the dental school since he was already in Omaha and the program was so highly regarded. It was a celebration when he was accepted to the Class of 2007.

Dr. Natalie Ortiz, formerly Natalie J. Bennett, had always been interested in the dental field. Her mother has always worked as a dental assistant, so Natalie had early exposure to the field of helping others maintain their dental health. Dr. Natalie worked as an assistant herself throughout her high school and college years and was very certain of her career goals. Natalie attended the University of Washington, majoring in Biology. She was also blessed with the opportunity to attend Creighton School of Dentistry, Class of 2007.

The dentists met in Omaha while students at the dental program. They were lab partners and friends. Having much in common, besides their career goals, they fell in love and married after graduating. They accepted positions with Ben Archer in Deming, New Mexico. Sharing philanthropic dreams and goals, as well as career dreams and goals, they desired to serve in a non-profit facility as a way of giving back for the blessing of their educations.

Dr. Ramon was born in Boston, MA, but attended schools in New Mexico, so New Mexico is what he considers “home”. He graduated from Oñate High School and loves the city of Las Cruces. Ramon brought Natalie to meet the family and the state, and she fell in love with the state and the sunsets as well as Ramon. They decided to live in Las Cruces and commute to Deming while working at
Ben Archer.

After fulfilling their service time in Deming, the doctors decided to open a practice in Las Cruces. Their practice, located at 2141 Hammerand Ct., Suite B., officially opened on October 1, 2008. Their practice is unique in that they are a husband/wife team, so patients have the option of selecting their preference of a male/female doctor, and having the benefit of having the assistance of the other dentist at any time.

Dr. Natalie Ortiz is a devoted wife and mother, as well as an excellent dentist. She brings to the practice her gentle manner and is exceptional with her patients. Dr. Ramon Ortiz is a husband, father, and musician. Patients have access to their preference of music in each individual operatory during their procedure, and also have the option of watching a current movie while in the dental chair. Both dentists are extremely well educated and utilize the most current dental procedures and techniques. The doctors are also unique in that they are able and equipped to produce individualized Ceric crowns for their patients, instead of sending the work out to an external lab. Both dentists are devoted to providing the best quality of care in their dental practice, and are dedicated to the community of Las Cruces. Drs. Ramon and Natalie Ortiz serve as mentors for the Excel Program for the Las Cruces Public School System. They are raising their daughter on the belief that as a society we are here to help each other, and that each generation works hard and sacrifices so that the next generation will progress. Progress is what makes dreams come true and living is about dreams. Ramon and Natalie serve as an example to all children that with hard work and years of study, dreams really do come true. They welcome you to join their practice. ¡Bienvenidos!

By Eileen Urquidez

Summer 2010
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