Endermologie: The Demise of Cellulite

Perfect bodies don’t happen naturally. Those women, who do have a perfect body, deserve it because they, undoubtedly, work very hard for it. The rest of us have probably struggled with weight at one point in our lives as well as with the unsightly appearance of cellulite.

That unattractive dimpling effect that encumbers our arms, legs and mid-section is extremely stubborn to get rid of. Sometimes even maintaining a healthy lifestyle like eating right and working out aren’t enough to completely get rid of it.

Fortunately, there is a non-invasive natural treatment available to help put an end to the uncomely bane that is cellulite. In the mid 1980's Louis Paul Guitay (LPG), a French engineer, was receiving manual massage therapy for severe burns on over 80% of his body to help the shrunken skin become more supple. Dissatisfied with the consistency of the treatments from one therapist to another, Mr. Guitay set out to develop a technique that was more consistent. Although the equipment he created was initially used for therapeutic mobilization of soft tissue and adherent scars, it was observed that it unexpectedly produced a noticeable improvement in the appearance of cellulite, body circumference and improvement of skin texture. LPG became the world leader in connective tissue technology and this was when Endermologie® was born.

Cellulite affects approximately 90% of all women over the age of 20 and is a term used to describe deposits of fat that collects in pockets of connective tissue beneath the skin giving it the “orange peel” look. Although exercise does help tone muscles, affects the deep fat layer and promotes a feeling of invigoration, it does not always get rid of all the unsightly dimples. Cellulite is a difficult problem, which must be taken care of from the subcutaneous fat layer, which acts on fluid retention. Diet and exercise alone do not affect the superficial cellulite layer of the skin.

There can be many contributing factors which play a role in the cause and development of cellulite, but the main factors responsible for cellulite are a diet high in saturated fats, lack of exercise, poor hydration and imbalances in hormonal function. Cellulite is also a result of microcirculation impairment, fluid retention, reorganization and enlargement of fat cells, and alteration of connective tissue. The thighs and buttocks are the most prevalent areas for this condition.

Endermologie® is FDA approved and clinically and scientifically proven to fight cellulite, contour the body and is a type of deep tissue massage. During the Endermologie® treatment the patient will wear a body suit as a certified technician directs the treatment head over  the entire body, concentrating on affected areas. The deep massage improves circulation more than three times as much as a manual massage. LPG's® latest machine, the CelluM6 Key Module Unit, is proven to be three times more effective than older Endermologie® machines and clients tend to show results sooner.

When exercise and dieting fail, Endermologie® works wonders. This is because the massaging action facilitates fluid exchange, improving circulation of blood and lymph flow by allowing nutrients to reach down into these tissues and toxins to be removed. Over time, the pockets of fat reorganize and rebuild, improving the contour of the skin and distribution of the subcutaneous fat. The softening of the areas treated causes a reduction of cellulite, so the appearance of the skin becomes more toned. The metabolism of the area is facilitated, and there is a loss of inches. 

Treatment sessions are approximately 35 to 40 minutes long and are custom-designed to the client's specific needs. For best results treatments should be done twice a week until desired results are achieved, typically in about 15 to 20 sessions. Treatment plans are determined based on the amount and severity of cellulite, age, weight, lifestyle and individual response to treatment. Once a month maintenance treatments are recommended after the initial series. Most people experience some changes within six to seven treatments. 

In order to maximize the benefits of Endermologie® patients should be committed to the treatment plan and lead a healthy lifestyle. It is highly recommended that patients maintain a regular exercise routine, healthy diet, and drink plenty of water while undergoing the Endermologie® treatments. In the majority of cases, these changes in lifestyle will improve the results of Endermologie®. Because these treatments do reduce the appearance of cellulite and tone and tighten the body, there is also a loss of inches. Endermologie® should be done while in the process of losing weight as it helps tighten the skin and prevents loose, sagging skin which is prevalent after major weight loss.  Additionally, it is an amazing solution to the problems of poor circulation, sluggish lymphatic and adrenal systems. Every treatment provides an increase of over 400% in circulation, which stimulates the lymphatic system resulting in a detoxification process in the body. The lymphatic system is the only system in the body not associated with a pump like the heart so it depends on muscle contraction or movement to move lymph fluid. The lymphatic system filters the waste produced by virtually all the other systems of the body. It also supports most other systems in the body, including the immune, digestive, detoxification and nervous systems. It is a crucial player in your body’s ability to ward off disease and heal from injury. Additionally, poor lymphatic health can be the cause of a host of conditions, from cellulite to cancer. 

As women, we do so much to our bodies in an attempt to look good, Endermologie® offers a non-invasive, natural option for improving how we feel about our bodies. The treatments are very relaxing, adjusted to the patient’s comfort level and leave a deep sense of relaxation followed by an invigorating boost of energy and an overall sense of well-being.

Endermologie is offered in Las Cruces exclusively by Oasis Body Treatment Center. Oasis is a non-traditional day spa –sustainable for the body and the planet– that offers an exceptional holistic approach to improving body image.

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