Tips for a Successful Bedroom Renovation

By Gloria Vaquera

Determine what your budget is
You can most definitely expect to spend money if you are looking to completely renovate a bedroom. Having a budget can make the project manageable and will keep you from overspending. Consider all the costs involved like tearing down walls, new flooring adding a closet, removing old popcorn ceilings, painting, bedding and window treatments and accessories and décor.

Spend your money on what matters most to you
If your biggest problem with the bedroom is the size, then this is where you would expect to spend the majority of your money. Moving walls to increase the square footage of the room could get costly but will make a huge difference in the room and quite possibly on the value of the home. 

Know when to call the pros
If you have no experience in do-it-yourself projects, trying to tackle a bedroom renovation on your own may not be a great idea. It could turn out more costly than having a professional do it for you. Finding a contractor you trust can eliminate stress and actually make the process an enjoyable one.

Know what you want early on
Do a little bit of research. Look for color combinations and styles that appeal to you in magazines and on Pinterest. Clip out or print out sample décor you like so that when you go shopping you have a reference point. Having a vision of what you want the final product to look like will make the process smoother. 

Choose a neutral design
This is not to say that you shouldn’t use color; by all means use color! However, you don’t want your newly renovated bedroom to stick out like a sore thumb compared to the rest of the house, especially if you are renovating to sell. Choosing a neutral design will allow your bedroom to flow with the rest of the house.

Take your time
If you are working with a contractor, allow them enough time to pay attention to the details. Rushing a renovation project along will more than likely cause problems in the long run because those small details will be missed.

Spring 2018


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