An Unlikely Luxurious Retreat

By Gloria Vaquera Photos courtesy of Laura Fierro

Imagine relaxing, immersed in a warm bath of therapeutic effervescence after a long, demanding week at work. The ergonomically designed whirlpool you are nestled in fits you perfectly. Its hydrotherapy jets have a massaging affect that releases muscle tension and stress as if carrying them away with the steam of the water. As the aromatherapy flirts with your senses; you lean your head back on the soft pillow and close your eyes. You immediately retreat from your ordinary, hectic life. After several minutes of respite, you open your eyes and you realize you’ve been in your own bathtub the entire time. 

Perhaps a walk-in tub has never crossed your mind as an option for a bathroom remodel. More than likely it’s because they remind you of a medical facility and not a luxurious retreat like most of us would love our bathroom to be. In fact, walk-in tubs were invented for people with a medical need, limited mobility and the elderly as they provide the ability to get in and out of them with ease. It’s not surprising then, that they are not something one would voluntarily opt for, but rather select out of necessity. 

These days, however, walk-in tubs are more than a bathtub of need or convenience. They have quickly become a trend in home improvement because they can create a soothing, modern sanctuary out of an ordinary bathroom, giving you a luxurious spa-like experience in the comfort of your home. Walk-in tubs are the perfect upgrade to an existing bathroom and are customizable to fit your personality, comfort and more importantly your taste. Available in various shapes and sizes, they fit into the same area as a standard bathtub, although they are twice the depth.

The multitude of specialty features like contoured seating and optional therapy systems like air massage, hydro massage, chromatherapy (light) and aromatherapy also make soaking tubs an excellent option for athletes of any age. Therapeutic bathing and soaking in a whirlpool walk-in tub is a known method of relieving aches and pains and also relaxing muscle tension and strains. 

American Tubs specializes in manufacturing heavy-duty, fiberglass shells that are reinforced with a stainless steel frame. Each frame is coated with an easy to clean, high-gloss finish and has a non-slip textured floor. They manufacture their tubs utilizing premium materials, advanced methods and adherence to strict quality guidelines to create a durable no leak door sealing system. The tubs are 100% American made and they carry a lifetime warranty on finish and doors and a two year warranty on components.  Additionally, all interior parts of the faucets are made of solid brass.  

Here in our state, Walk-in Tubs of New Mexico is the only authorized dealer of American Tubs. They are a division of Fierro Enterprises, LLC— a commercial and residential construction company that has been in business over 35 years in the Mesilla Valley. They are experienced in remodeling bathrooms to include walk-in tubs as well as installation in their new construction projects. If the scope of your bathroom remodel or new home includes a walk-in tub, the trusted contractors at Walk-in Tubs of New Mexico can deliver the luxurious spa experience you are looking for. 

Spring 2018


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