Old World Charm

By Gloria Vaquera

The use of wrought iron dates back to the Middle Ages. In fact, the word “wrought” is the medieval past tense verb meaning “worked.” Wrought iron is essentially worked iron. 

Since it was introduced to the Americas, it’s been used for centuries as a form of security because of its functionality, strength and durability. It never goes out of style and presently, we love it for how it visually enhances our homes. 

Wrought iron transcends styles, environment, time and traditions. The decorative ironwork and trim can add old-fashioned, rustic charm to, and blends well with, any architectural style. Yet, its elegance never goes out of style, but instead instills a sense of legacy in a home. 

Because it weathers beautifully and will last for years with little maintenance, it is very popular used outdoors in areas such as doors, windows, gates, fences and balconies. It also looks beautiful in lighting fixtures, furniture and staircases. 

Spring 2018


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