Aliento a Tequila

It has been said that tequila is the heart and soul of Mexico and there is certainly reason to believe that statement to be true. A crude ancestor called octil or pulque was made by the Aztecs well before the Spanish arrived in 1521 – so says Wikipedia – and they believed the fermented beverage, which legend has it came from lightning striking an agave plant, was a gift from the gods.

The conquistadors began distilling their own blue agave beverage and around 1600 it started being mass-produced primarily in the region of the present day state of Jalisco. The volcanic soil of that area is well suited to the growth of the blue agave plants that are the only true source of tequila. Jalisco is the only state in Mexico where tequila can be made and if you’re drinking something other than 100% agave it may not be true tequila.

When photographer Joel Salcido was looking for a subject “rooted deep in the soul of Mexico and its people” he decided on something reflective of the national spirit, so to speak. The result was “Aliento A Tequila” and the photography exhibit is the latest work produced by the award-winning Austin-based photographer. The 38 images reflect the world and tradition of tequila, from production to the culture of the historical towns that produce it. 

“I had been looking forward to returning to Mexico with an opportunity to reveal the legacy and mystery of tequila,” he said. 

Capturing the images presented in the exhibit was a homecoming for Salcido.

“In my journey, I also rediscovered part of my childhood as I traveled through the tequila countryside and relived the cultural richness and traditions of these towns.”

The “Aliento A Tequila” exhibit can be seen at La Posta de Mesilla Adobe Cantina and Tequileria from October 30, 2013 through November 6, 2013. The exhibit will be presented in connection with 

two tequila-themed events at the well-known Mesilla eatery. 

“Tequila, Tapas y Más” is set for October 30th and “The Art of Tequila Dinner” is planned for November 6th from 6:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. They are the latest tequila events hosted by La Posta de Mesilla. The focus will be the Tequila Don Julio brand and will feature exclusively created special drinks.

“We are excited to combine the exceptional art of Joel Salcido with our upcoming tequila events,” said Jerean Hutchinson, owner of La Posta de Mesilla. “They will be a flavorful combination of art, history, and food.”

For more information or ticket prices, please call Jeanne Lucero at 575-524-3524. La Posta de Mesilla Adobe Cantina and Tequileria is located at 2410 Calle de San Albino, in historic Mesilla, New Mexico. For more information visit 


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