Vibrant, Sunny Hues of Spring

By Bridgett Facio-Pickering

It's the personal details that make a house a home, but when you combine that with a splash of color you can turn any room from ordinary to extraordinary. The Pantone colors for spring are so bright and vivid they can make a statement all on their own. From the stunning Ultra Violet, named color of the year, to the dark shades of Emperador and Chili Oil, your home will take on the personality of the valley’s warm yet crisp days of spring. 

If you aren’t feeling bold enough to slap a bright color on your walls, there are other ways to incorporate color into your home décor that aren’t as permanent as painting. 

Ultra Violet 
There is no question why this is the color of the year. The boldness of Ultra Violet has the ability to transform any room into a work of art. This color is so bold the smallest of details placed around the house is really all you need. 

Are you afraid of the color yellow? Well, don't be! Meadowlark is the perfect shade of yellow because it's not too bright or gaudy. Add it in a statement chair or end table and see how it will instantly brighten things up. 

Cherry Tomato 
Sometimes you don't need to redecorate an entire room. A simple bowl of bright red tomatoes complemented by a bright bowl as a centerpiece in the kitchen can add a needed pop of color to your existing decor.

Bring life back to your old recliner. Put some neutral colored items on it, like a pillow or blanket to liven the different shades of brown.

Pink Lavender 
Different colored towels are always a fun way to decorate your bathroom for spring. Shades of pink, lavender and creams can brighten a room without over-powering it with color.

Lime Punch 
Bright lime greens not only look good in the bedroom they also pair well in your kitchen.

Little Boy Blue 
Curtains change well with the seasons. There are easy to change and you can find every color imaginable. Light blue curtain add the sense of the outdoors to your home. 

Blooming Dahlia 
This light color of pink is perfect for spring.

Arcadia is a green with a hint of blue and it is trending for good reason. Something as simple as a throw in Arcadia placed over a chair can add color and personality to the room; but an accent wall would be even better. 

Almost Mauve 
Spring flowers make a great accessory. Mauve colored roses will add a touch of softness and create a sense of cleanliness to whatever space they grace.

Spring 2018


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