Fresh Fruit Water

There is nothing clever or particularly difficult about making fresh fruit infused water; in fact it is quite easy. What is clever, however, is that you can get those loved ones that don’t like water to drink it. Whether it’s because it is so absolutely beautiful or because it is appealing on a hot summer day—people are simply tempted to try it.  When they do, chances are they will change their mind about drinking water. And, this will actually quench their thirst unlike other flavored drinks.



  • Any fruit you may already have
  • Mint
  • A glass pitcher
  • Fresh water



  1. First, rinse your fruit and the mint.
  2. Slice the fruit so that it looks pretty in the pitcher (slices, wedges or in half for smaller fruit).
  3. Add fresh cold water and refrigerate for about an hour before serving.
  4. Add ice to your glass and garnish with a lemon round on the rim.

    This fruit infused water is so surprisingly refreshing and light with a subtle hint of fruit that there is no need to add sugar.
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